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Antique Chinese Clothing – Models and Fabric

The historical Chinese clothing consisted generally of robes. While the women wore lengthy tunics that reached the earth, the men wore tunics that reached their joints. The sleeves of the garments were wide, and loose fitting, with sashes being added as artwork. Darker shades were preferred over light ones. Brighter coloured clothing was worn more […]

Making a Safe Playground Surface

Among the main parts of your playground is the surface you choose to build it on. Playground areas come with many different options to consider, many of which are risky. With poor surfaces the results can be destructive! Children can and “will”, fall from the recreation space equipment. The results of the injuries will rely […]

Find the Hottest Beaches in Lemon County

Orange County’s wonderful beaches have been compared to the French Riviera or the South of the country of spain. These recreational sun-bleached shorelines include miles of beautiful sand, tide pools, environmental preserves, secluded coves, and popular surf breaks. Below is a sampling of the most popular places for surfers, sailors and sun worshipers: Laguna Beach […]

Digital Marketing – Launch Of Living Social’s Instant Moves out

In mid-November, the CEO of Living Public, Mr. Tim O’Shaughnessy, released the launch of their Instant Escapes product during the PhoCusWright travel industry conference, held in New mexico. This digital marketing product will provide users with last-minute weekend hotel plans. Immediately on making this announcement, O’Shaughnessy was cooked by Chris Loughlin (CEO of TravelZoo) on […]

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