Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey – The Most Popular Toy This Christmas

 Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey is basically a model monkey that sits on your own shoulder, but there’s a lot more to the new electronic ape than meets the eye. Many toy stores have already been trying to find another toy craze. A year ago it absolutely was Zhu Zhu Pets that took the world by storm, this year it looks like a pretty little black and white monkey called Dave is going to be another huge hit. Continue reading to learn what sets Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey independent of the huge array of children’s toys on the market this Christmas and why he will undoubtedly be such demand.

A team of toy developers in the UK invented this cuddly robot monkey; little did they know at the time how popular he’d prove to be! He has already been named by major toy retailers in the UK, Toys R Us and Hamleys, as one of the top sellers this Christmas and there has been significant interest from Toys R Us in the United States. kanpai.my/shop/monkey-shoulder

The Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey design is based on a real-life Capuchin monkey and he can be attached to clothing by way of a neck strap so he can perch jauntily on your own shoulder without falling off. His movements, sounds and mannerisms are operated employing a small cordless handy remote control that may easily be concealed in the hand or in your pocket. Thanks for some clever and sophisticated micro-robotics, this cheeky monkey can display a sensible selection of sounds and behaviours as being a real monkey and this is what makes him stand from lots of the other robot pet toys on the market.

Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey has several different modes accessed using various buttons on the easy to operate handy remote control, including Conversation Mode, Greeting Mode, Puppet Mode and Action Mode. Each mode provides a different selection of characteristics and behaviours – he can laugh, cry, burp, fart, wave and even, being a horse, scratch himself. This makes him the centre of attention, who is able to resist the sight of an unusual monkey sat on someone’s shoulder waving and farting! His realistic sounds and movements are a way to obtain fascination and hilarity for kids and adults alike and for this reason Dave the Cheeky Monkey will undoubtedly be the top toy this Christmas.

This interactive monkey toy is becoming so sought from then on the manufacturers have experienced to open another factory in an effort to maintain demand from toy stores. Make sure you buy Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey early to avoid disappointment!

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