Salt Lake City Hotels – What things to See During Your Stay in the City

More and more individuals come for skiing in Salt Lake City, mainly after 2002, when the city was host of the Winter Olympic Games. However, if you remain at one of the numerous SLC hotels, there are so many more things that you could visit in the city.

A tour through the city best starts in the Visitor Center. Here you get the latest information on events, accommodations, etc. The Visitor Center is situated in the Salt Palace. This really is also the cultural center of the city. One block north of it could be operated in the Family History Library in one of the largest genealogy databases. Lake City floor plan

To the east lies the Temple Square, the religious center of the Mormons. The so-called Information Sisters and Brothers take tourists cost-free through the system. It is interesting especially, the Tabernacle, with its famous Tabernacle Choir. The building is constructed entirely of wood, even when steel fasteners have been waived. During a demonstration you can admire the excellent acoustics of the room. The specific building of the Temple Square, the Temple, with its dominating towers, is not accessible to visitors. Even for the devout Mormon some elements of the building remain closed. The customer stands inside the Temple Square or the Assembly Hall and the North and the South Visitors open centers.

One block east could be the tallest building in the city, the Church Office Building. From the viewing terrace on the 26th Level one comes with an excellent view over the entire of SLC. Particularly impressive could be the Utah State Capitol prior to the mountains north of the city. The ZCMI (Zion’s Cooperative Mercantile Institution) is one of the biggest urban shopping centers through the country and you can find here countless shops for an amazing shopping experience.

In the vicinity of SLC, the Great Salt Lake invites you for a visit. The Great Salt Lake is the biggest lake west of the Mississippi. It’s, however, only a typical depth of just over 4 meters. Southwest of the city could be the Kennecott Copper Mine, where copper is mined in open pit. The mine is one of the largest and most productive of the entire country. The Visitor Center provides information in exhibitions on the annals and geology.

For skiers, the mountains hold east of SLC prepared something very special. Because of the low humidity on the edge of the desert, the snow is quite dry. The ski resorts in the Wasatch Mountains are famous for their powder.

You’ll find so many SLC hotels from which you can choose from during the time you decide that you could have a a vacation to Utah. From luxury ones, like Marriott or Hilton to bed and breakfast nice accommodations, you can choose whatever might suit your preferences and your budget as well.

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