Month: December 2019

Lily of the Valley Plant Facts and Meaning

 Lily of the valley is really a hardy, shade-loving plant, it is also known by its scientific name of Convallaria majalis. Other names include muguet, Jacob’s ladder, male lily, Lily Constancy, ladder to heaven, Convall-lily, May bells, Our Lady’s tears and May lily. Lily of the valley is really a low-growing plant that grows by […]

Marble Floors That Elevate the Senses With the Most Awesome Finishes

 Natural marble floors bless any home and it’s the final that matters. Choose one of many three options of polished, honed and tumbled finishes with essentially unique characteristics. The Polished Finish Take a good look at these samples: China Black Marble and Greecian White Herringbone Marble The polished look deserves the best popularity it’s blessed […]

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