In Search of The Truth: The Modern Mystery School

 In my quest for the reality, I began studying the major religions of the world, both modern and ancient. What I began to find was that there is a fundamental truth underlying all these systems, were just been called the ancient wisdom teachings. I learned that there is an esoteric and an exoteric meaning to any or all religious paths. Esoteric is derived from the Greek word, eso meaning “within” – that which is hidden, unseen, secret, inner – or out-of-sight. In the Bible – which is reality a book of the hidden wisdom, the Master Jesus spoke of mysteries reserved for disciples which he did not provide public. His public teachings, the parables, were meant to bring a new dispensation to humanity’s knowledge of a loving father, rather than a vengeful deity.

Exoteric Comes from the Greek root exo meaning outside. Popular religious teachings which are shown openly and publicly. The Christian Church has traditionally emphasized the exoteric message of its faith, dogma, and doctrine while neglecting the mystery side of the Christian teachings.

It was the esoteric meanings behind my own, personal faith tradition that gave me renewed faith, renewed hope, and a new knowledge of the conflicting messages that organized religion had presented on the centuries. I began to note that there were other more meaningful connotations to the written traditions of major religions. A truth that gave people a method to relate solely to the cosmic creator with.

Before the final century, the ancient wisdom teachings were only offered to initiates in mystery schools. These esoteric orders were gradually forced underground by the rise of the newly formed state religion dash Christianity. The old ways were finally stamped out through the reign of terror called the Inquisition, and the mystery schools received a poor rap. They received labels such as for instance witchcraft and “of the devil “.Whatever did not adhere to the company line of the Catholic Church was feared, hated, and ultimately killed. When it wasn’t in the Bible, it was not true. The problem was The Bible itself was so manipulated that it lost a lot of the truths that the Master Jesus, whilst the Christ, had come to offer each of humanity. Modern Mystery School

A lie told a lot of times is believed more compared to the truth told once.

But the ancient, or ageless wisdom teachings provide a meaning and a purpose your they explain a more cosmic knowledge of the fantastic energy we call God which contain references to your ancestors “from the stars” that makes sense of the mythology of religions. And they offer us hope money for hard times, that there’s indeed a plan and a purpose that inspires the happenings of the times. The mystery school tradition teaches us about how exactly everytime humanity is ready, a good one or avatar, concerns the planet to offer us another step on the ladder towards union with cosmic creator. These great teachers begin to appear when a critical mass has been reached that are ready for more of The Truth as you Age shifts into another Age. Today we are shifting from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius.

A Personal Relationship with The Cosmos

We’re in a fantastic period of rediscovery. Today, the mystery schools are returning out into the open, available to any or all who’re questing for the truth. One school was my own, personal alma mater, Sancta Sophia Seminary in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Santa Sophia means “holy wisdom “.Energetically, it’s anchored in Christo/Sophia, Yin/Yang, a balanced part of the divine, integrating the divine masculine which is out-pictured through the Piscean age, with the incoming divine feminine of the Aquarian age.

Sophia leads us to a higher knowledge of the wisdom that heals duality. Sophia does not threaten. she just withdraws once we don’t accept her. Inner knowing, which is her way, is subtle and fragile, but has such power that after she makes herself known we feel her correctness and strength.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears…

Have you been ready?

Reverend Rebecca Nagy could be the founding director of The Golden Quest Mystery School, situated in Charlotte, NC. She is an author, professional speaker, master meditation coach, and spiritual teacher. Her own experience with overcoming a spinal injury confirmed her belief in the authentic and transforming power of the body/mind/spirit connection.

Subsequently, she made a decision in 1998 to leave her 20-year fashion career to dedicate herself in following inner guidance to become a full-time minister, spiritual teacher and a specialist speaker. Since then, Rebecca has been inspiring audiences from the pulpit to the platform, with her uplifting messages and methods for change and transformation.

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