Which will can be Better, Jujitsu Throwing or Karate Striking?

When it comes to Jujitsu throwing or Martial arts punching I will always take karate punching.

I actually know this is likely to ruffle a few feathers, but let me state my case.

Back in the sixties and seventies there weren’t many organizations, no protective gear, no mothers worrying as they viewed their seven year old learn Karate. There are so few schools that we got to travel fifty kilometers to class, and the sole people I trained with were VERY dedicated.

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Dedicated people who did not register because they got seen a Bruce Shelter movie (Bruce Lee has not been around while i commenced Martial arts, he was yet to come), but because something inside them was generating them.

Over the next few years protective products was introduced, chain stores started up, people who studied for a few of years were advertised and went off to get started on their own schools, and the worth of Martial arts sank.

But before that happened I saw people do something that folks today simply cannot do.

May you break a standing up brick with a 50 percent fist? How about keeping a hole in a board with a sole finger? What about taking a full power kick to the groin?

Might be found are almost unheard of today.

And I am not merely a classic fuddy duddy hearkening returning to the ‘good, old times. ‘ The things We speak of happened, were verifiable, and the amount of Martial arts was much higher.

Here is the interesting thing: people can do more back again flips and fancy moves today. People can do more difficult forms.

Although they are showing the fat, and the real meat hasn’t even recently been cooked.

Flash forward… the Ultimate Fighting Championship is the most popular area in the world. Persons crowd into MMA universities so they can surface and pound, and common karate, and Kung Venne and many other disciplines, are fairly well disregarded, or taught to children in large chains, which merely exacerbates the problem.

Yet I have never seen anybody step into the ring and do the sort of Karate punch I actually was trained in. I possess never seen anybody who could punch an hand and break a bone with perfect focus and a calm mind.

MIXED MARTIAL ARTS, you observe, is using boxing.

Many claim that Martial arts punches are very stylistic, won’t work. But nothing of the people who say such thing trained when these Karate performed work, when students were trained until they could make Karate work, and only the dedicated made it through.

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